Rules and Regulations

  1. Age of RV – All RVs must be 10 years old or newer, and in like new condition to enter the Resort. The maximum age limit for any RV within the Resort is 15 years.
  2. Alcoholic Beverages - Alcoholic Beverages are permitted, however Rules #6 and #23 will be enforced.
  3. Antenna's/Satellite dishes – Antenna's attached to the RV shall have a maximum height of 15 ft. from the ground, no guide wires. Satellite dishes not attached to the RV are allowed but need to be placed in the least conspicuous location on the site, no guide wires are allowed. All antennas/satellite dishes need be appropriately sized to the RV industry.
  4. Boats – Only non motorized canoes, paddle boats, kayaks or inflatable rafts are allowed within Crystal Springs and/or on the pond. All boats must be approved by management prior to usage. No fishing style row boats allowed. No individual/private docks will be permitted.
  5. Campfires are allowed on sites 1-50 in approved fire rings. All fire rings need to be approved prior to constructing or placement. Campfires may not be left burning unattended and need to be completely distinguished when done using. Ashes must be disposed of properly.
  6. Campground Etiquette – All residents, their pets and visitors are required to adhere to common Resort etiquette. Respect fellow RVers and their property. Use walking paths for walking, roads for vehicles, bicycles and golf carts and do not cut across or enter another's site unless invited. No loud music/TV or yelling is acceptable, as to disturb any fellow RVer.
  7. Clotheslines - Small, compact clotheslines mounted to the rear of the RV are permitted for temporary use.
  8. Commercial Use – No site within the Resort may have any visible indication or vehicle traffic of commercial or business use. No soliciting.
  9. Drugs/Theft/Vandalism - Crystal Springs has a "ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY" for any illegal drugs, theft or vandalism within the park. All illegal acts will be reported to local authorities and evicted from the park without refund! Visitors are the responsibility of the individual they are visiting!
  10. Emergencies – Call 911 first and then notify the manager onsite as to direct emergency vehicles to the correct location.
  11. Formaldehyde – based chemicals are prohibited.
  12. Firearms/Fireworks – no illegal firearms/fireworks or explosives are allowed. All Federal and State laws concerning the handling and possession of firearms shall be obeyed.
  13. Fishing – is permitted by residents only. Walleyes are catch and release only.
  14. Garbage – No garbage is to be left outside any RV at anytime. On-site dumpsters are provided at the entrance area for garbage produced while at Crystal Springs. Only household type trash is permitted. To help prevent litter and insects, we ask all garbage be bagged and tied. Check with management for disposal and fee for large bulky, non household items.
  15. Grass/Green space/lawns – It is our intention to make Crystal Springs "green area's", sites included, as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Do your part to help make this a reality now and in the future. Issue's/concerns will be dealt with and corrective action will be required on a site for site basis as needed.
  16. Golf carts – Electric golf carts are permitted within the Resort on main roads and designated area's only. No driving golf carts on walk paths or grass areas. All golf carts must have their site number (4 inches or larger) displayed on both sides of the cart. Must have headlights to drive after dark.
  17. Liability – It is mutually agreed that Crystal Springs RV Resort/Willow Wind Developers shall not be held liable for the safe keeping or condition of any RV, equipment or any property whatsoever from the cause whatsoever. Resident, his or her heirs or assigns hereby agree to hold harmless Crystal Springs RV Resort/Willow Wind Developers from any and all claims, liability or damages for property or personal injury or loss of life to themselves, family, employees, guests, invitees or any other persons whatsoever, or property damage or property loss howsoever caused.
  18. Mail – may be delivered to and picked up at the office during normal business hours. Check with office for current hours.
  19. Maintenance and upkeep of residents units – All Residents are to ensure that the upkeep of their RV unit and shed are well maintained at all times. Any and all outdoor furniture needs to be appropriate patio type furniture in good condition.
  20. Mowing/Lawn Care/Vegetation – Crystal Springs is responsible for all mowing/watering and fertilizing of all green space, including individual sites within Crystal Springs. No personal items allowed on the grass to include but not limited to, flower pots /statues/welcome signs etc. See management for scheduled mowing/fertilizing/watering days. No cutting, pruning or removal of any plant growth is allowed. Concerns need be submitted in writing to management.
  21. Occupancy – Two adults and their children (under 18), not to exceed a total number of six individuals per site.
  22. ParkingNO parking on the grass. NO parking on the street. Only One RV and two vehicles allowed per site on the provided parking pad. Any additional vehicles are required to park in designated parking areas. See management for details.
  23. Personal Conduct – No profane, abusive language or actions directed towards another resident, guest, pet or Resort Staff will be tolerated. ANYONE engaging in such activity may face immediate eviction and legal charges.
  24. Pets – All pet owners are required to register, sign and abide by Crystal Springs separate "Pet Rule Agreement" or be denied access. No aggressive pets will be permitted to include: Chows, Dobermans, German Shepherd, Great Dane, Husky, Pit Bull, Rottweiler or mix thereof.
  25. Quiet Time – is 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM.
  26. Right of access – Management/maintenance reserves the right to conduct site inspections through out the Resort at any time regarding site compliance, utility and maintenance/grounds work.
  27. RV sites – All RV sites must be owner occupied only. NO "loaning" or "sub leasing" of RV or RV site is permitted.
  28. Sewer/water connections – must be properly fitted, airtight and supported to prevent leaks.
  29. Signs – No signs of any kind may be placed or displayed on any site or dwelling with the exception of name signs and site numbers.
  30. Site Improvements – need be approved by management prior to, and must meet any and all county and state guidelines.
  31. Smoking - is permitted in designated areas only and NOT permitted in any building within the Resort. Cigarette butts need be disposed of properly and not thrown or left on the ground.
  32. Speed Limit – is 10 M.P.H. and observed.
  33. Storage Buildings/Decks etc – Only storage sheds/coach houses provided/purchased through Crystal Springs are permitted within the park. Decks are NOT permitted. Screened porches must be approved prior to construction.
  34. Swimming – is NOT permitted in the pond.
  35. Tents – are not allowed or permitted anytime or anywhere within Crystal Springs.
  36. Vehicle Repair – No vehicle repair to include changing of fluids is permitted.
  37. Visitors – shall be pre registered at the office by the individual inviting them. All visitors must stop at the office upon entering the park and register. No visitor is allowed to bring their pets/watercraft/ATVs, etc. into Crystal Springs.
  38. Walk Paths – are for foot traffic only with the exception of maintenance/grounds vehicles.
  39. Washing of RV/vehicles – is permitted with spray nozzle intact as to support water conservation.


  1. 1st violation = verbal reminder
  2. 2nd violation = written warning
  3. 3rd violation = $50.00 fine
  4. 4th and ongoing violations = $100.00 fine per occurrence